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Whether you own a grocery store, laundry shop, workshop; or provide services like electrical, contractors, or even manufacturing any form of goods, at Pronexer, we bring you the best cloud-based ERP solution for your business!

  • Eliminate non-efficient manual processes
  • Ease of access from anywhere, anytime with most devices
  • Wide range of integration of software and hardware
  • Get real-time reports and data at the click of a button
  • No complex hardware, installation or on-premise servers
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About Pronexer

Cloud-based ERP Solution Crafted From ERPNext Modules

Digital Ocean & AWS: Infrastructures and data centers located worldwide

High Security & Backups: Wide range of security for all products and SSL included

Full Scalability: We pick your CPU, memory, and storage to your application's needs

Cost-effective: Switch to shared space without compromising your data security

Flexibility and Control: Scale up and down without the need of stopping your business

ERPNext, built on the Frappe framework. Caters to a diverse range of domains including manufacturing, distribution, retail, services, education and healthcare.

Award-Winning Open-Source ERP Solution

User Friendly Interface

Complete Help Documentation

Regular Updates for Enhanced Features

Real-time Data

Get your latest and greatest reports and data, anytime, anywhere!

Dynamic Integration

Connect your printers, barcode scanners, and many more hardwares to one dynamic solution

Built-in E-Commerce

Experience the power of e-commerce backed with full scale ERP system and customizable

SEO and Ads Tools Integration

Available integration with Google Analytics & Ads, Google Tag Manager, Meta Pixel

Our Featured Modules


Monitor transactions, generate invoices, produce reports, oversee accounts receivable and payable, tailor financial year schedules, and handle various currencies seamlessly

  • Easy Set-Up for first time users, with pre-defined Chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Migrate from your existing accounting system with ease
  • Generate real-time financial reports - Trial balance, P&L Statements, etc - anytime anywhere

Pronexer ERP offers robust accounting tools for precise financial management. The Accounts Receivable module tracks customer invoices and payments. The Accounts Payable module manages supplier invoices. The General Ledger module centralizes financial data for effortless analysis. Journal Entries ensure accurate entries
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Inventory Management

Monitor real-time inventory levels and movements, receive alerts for critical low stock thresholds, and automate ordering and restocking procedures to uphold ideal inventory levels

  • Multiple model of Item attributes (Item Group, Bundle, Variant, etc)
  • Easy to view real time Stock Balance Report
  • Multi-tier Warehouse configuration which allows rack level structure

Pronexer ERP enhances inventory management efficiency, enabling seamless tracking, alert setup for stock levels, lifecycle optimization, order planning, warehouse management, real-time reporting, and comprehensive oversight. Easily meet customer demands with accurate inventory control through Pronexer
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Reduce expenses, enhance order efficiency, oversee vendor performance through scorecards, manage purchase orders and invoices, and streamline approval workflows. Access comprehensive reports and analytics for full visibility across the procurement process

  • Create Quotation with ease with streamlined vendor management
  • Set automated approval workflow for order management
  • Validate vendor invoices with Purchase Invoice in the workflow for better vendor management

Pronexer ERP revolutionizes procurement by consolidating requisitions, RFQs, and vendor quotations in a centralized platform. Effortlessly create Purchase Orders and Invoices, ensuring complete visibility and control with automated workflows. Tailor your process to fit unique business needs, monitor activities with real-time insights, and optimize efficiency while reducing costs
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Efficiently oversee sales orders across various channels, handling tasks such as delivery note creation and tracking backorders. Assign unique sales order numbers, generate picking lists, monitor statuses, and track delivery timelines seamlessly.

  • Look into comprehensive Sales Report for better forecasting and performance
  • Manage all your customers in one place with Customer Relation Management feature
  • Easily track all your invoice and payments with Sales Invoice feature

Pronexer ERP's Order Management streamlines customer orders, handling multi-channel sales from your integrated eCommerce platform. Enhance sales order management efficiency and boost customer satisfaction with Pronexer ERP
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Pronexer Manufacturing Resource Planner enables you to compute production plan, monitor inventory levels, strategize purchasing and production requirements, and optimize operations for peak efficiency.

  • Manage semi-finished good, and contractor scenarios seamlessly
  • Detailed Production Plan generated based on schedules, sales orders and resource availability
  • Advanced customizable production line equipment integration to capture auxiliary data

Utilize real-time data for informed decision-making and production oversight. Monitor performance across production stages, capacity, and inventory levels seamlessly. Identify and address bottlenecks promptly, generate comprehensive reports, and optimize resource allocation for efficient operations, ensuring timely corrective actions for discrepancies
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Integrate your online shop with your ERP system for seamless transactions and streamlined stock management. Embracing e-commerce enables SMEs to unlock cross-border growth, enhance competitiveness, and stay ahead in the digital business landscape.

  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Inventory, Sales Transactions, Invoicing all managed under one solution
  • SEO and SEM tools integration ready (Meta Pixel, Google Analytics, Ads Manager)

Besides just managing your online shop, you can now manage your suppliers and inventory, or even plug-in manufacturing into your e-commerce platform that work seamlessly with Pronexer ERP. The accounting module automatically captures your cash flow allowing you to have a better view of your costs and gains.
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Our Pricing



MYR 249 / mth

  • Up to 3 Modules
  • 2 Shared vCPU
  • 64GB Space / 4GB RAM
  • Up to 5 Users
  • 100+ Transaction /mth
  • 30+ Products / Services



MYR 1,069 / mth

  • All Modules
  • 8 Shared vCPU
  • 256GB Space / 16GB RAM
  • Up to 20 Users
  • 500+ Transaction /mth
  • 100+ Products / Services

Frequently Asked Questions

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a sophisticated software suite designed to integrate and streamline various business functions like accounting, human resources, inventory management, and customer relationship management. It centralizes data, enhances communication, and facilitates efficient decision-making across all departments within an organization.

Even small businesses can benefit from using an ERP system. It helps in streamlining operations, improving efficiency, centralizing data, enhancing decision-making, and scaling for growth. A lean and streamlined process saves time, cost and also resources, especially for startups and SMEs.

While both CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems manage business data, CRM focuses on customer interactions and sales, while ERP integrates various business processes like finance, HR, and inventory management.

With no hardware or software installation, we give you a lean solution to cater to your business needs. The cloud-based subscription model is completely customizable giving you only required services that solves your challenges and promotes growth. Equally as powerful as large ERP systems in the market, your business now can enjoy every benefits at only a fraction of the cost.

Pronexer ERP features a very user friendly user interface that one can learn and adapt at a very quick pace. Our experts will provide extensive training during the onboarding allowing you to have a good hands-on experience beforehand. Customized workspace and easy navigation from one document to another with a search bar makes it easy for first-timers.

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